Photograph Your Tweens & Teens Before They Fly the Nest!

It's easy to take a million cute and candid photographs of your baby, your toddler, and your young child. As kids get older, we often take less. Our images can become limited to sports, events, or the occasional vacation photo or selfie. And tweens and teens have opinions about these things. Taking regular photos of our everyday can inspire eye-rolls or insistence on creative control.

As someone with one child poised to go to college the year after next, and another entering high school, I can tell you how much I want to enjoy and remember our everyday life right now, before it really changes. And as the Mom, I'd like a few photos of myself with the family as well.

Do you feel like you have enough photos of and with your teens?

What would you do in an natural, unposed family documentary session with teens? 

Your family might be past the age of wild hijinks like running through the sprinkler and playing tag and close cuddly moments like snuggling together to read on the couch. Instead, it might be a little more subtle. You cook or eat out together, have engaging conversations, go for a bike ride or walk around the neighborhood with the dog. Maybe you occasionally throw a ball around or work on a project together.

Every family has a different dynamic, but it's often these ordinary, familiar moments and connections that become our best memories. When I photograph families with older children I look for those traits that families share--a beautiful smile, a Dad and son mirroring their gestures, a way of interacting--as well as unique personalities.

I recently photographed a delightful family with a mom, and two boys--tween and teen--as they did what they enjoy doing together: walking, talking, window-shopping, eating, and a lot of laughing in Old Town Alexandria. Here are a few highlights from our session, or check out the full session slideshow below.
Mini-album from Afternoon in the Life session in Old Town Alexandria from Diana Sherblom Photography
A beautiful leather mini-album from the session.

Backwards mirror image of Pop's Old Fashioned Ice Cream from Afternoon in the Life session in Old Town Alexandria from Diana Sherblom Photography
At Pop's Old Fashion Ice Cream Co., an Old Town tradition and favorite going back to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. I love the mirrors and employee t-shirts with backwards writing.
collage of Afternoon in the Life session in Old Town Alexandria from Diana Sherblom Photography
Quick, delicious bite at Sonoma Cellar, walking along the Potomac and around town.

What do you love to do with your teens as a family? I'd love to hear in the comments below.


  1. I wish more families realized that the pictures from this time of life matter so so much, too! Their tiny squishy babies have turned into these amazing personalities and will keep growing up way too fast.

  2. Yes, it goes so fast! But it is a beautiful thing to see your children growing up and becoming young adults.

  3. So true! The older are kids the less photos they have (and we are not talking about selfies, right?).
    It is just opposite to what we used to have, the older we were becoming more accessible were cameras :)
    I think professional photos are so important for especially for teenagers, because they are in such a sensitive age, very often so insecure with themselves. I think photos could help them to remind them what are the great moments they have in their lives.
    Great reminding! :)

    1. So true, in a world filled with selfies, a real moment from a teen life stands out as important!


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